Hi, this is Slight Future – the blog of Daniel Aleksandersen.

Growing up I learned pretty much everything that I know about technology from reading other people’s experiences which people where sharing in abundance on their personal blogs. Blogs were where people were sharing their passions and hobbies, and in great detail.

In recent years, blogging has declined and the techie blogs especially seem to be no the decline. It was getting increasingly difficult to find solutions to technical problems as fewer and fewer people were sharing their experiences.

I eventually came to the realization that I can’t complain that others aren’t sharing their experiences any longer when I wasn’t sharing anything of my own. As no one was writing the kinds of articles that interested me any longer, I had to start writing it myself instead.

Almost every single article I’ve ever published on the blog is read at least a couple of hundred times every month. There still seem to be some interest in technical writing, and I hope you’ve learned something and appreciate my writing.

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