Privacy and Cookie Policy

This policy was written by an engineer and not a lawyer. It’s meant to be informal and not a legal agreement or contract. Where agreement is implied below, it’s understood as user consent through their web browser settings. This interpretation is in compliance with the Norwegian “ekomloven” which is the local adaptation of EU directive 2009/136/EF: better know as the “EU cookie law”. Some important data points have been highlighted to make the text more readable.

Explore what data is stored about your use of in this web browser with the Private Data Explorer tool.

Servers and logs

This website is hosted on network and physical servers from Linode provided by Linode, LLC. As the service provider, they will have access to all data stored on their computers. Please refer to Linode’s Privacy Policy for details.

Every request to the server is logged for no longer than 100 days. Old logs are removed automatically. These logs contain standard information like the IP address, kind of software and device used to access the site (“User‐Agent”), time of access, and the status code returned by the server (was the request successful or not). These logs are retained for service operation, quality assurance, and troubleshooting. Automated software may temporarily refuse service to IP addresses in response to unusual, disruptive, or hostile usage patterns as determined by software algorithms looking at these logs. The monthly aggregate of connections performed by IPv4 versus IPv6 are published as it’s believed to be of interest to the website’s audience. Occasional data in aggregate may also be published; for example through articles detailing what the most popular smart phones or web browsers are.


Data about your visit will be recorded for up to ten years on the server in the Piwik analytics platform. Information held in Piwik is anonymized at the point of recording. Information recorded includes details such as which webpage referred you to this website, how long you stay and how often you visit the website. General system information such as operating system, browser software, and language preferences may also be recorded. Your data is only used in aggregate with thousands of other users to see trends and patterns in how the website is being used by its visitors.

The website uses the Google Analytics services from Google, Inc.. It is a platform for gathering and tracking tracking aggregate data about which webpages and devices are popular. Google Analytics as used on this site always use the “anonymize ip” option; what this means is defined by and at the discretion of Google, Inc. Please refer to How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps for details.

A Google-unique identifier is stored on your web browser or device by Google Analytics to identify return visits (when you return to this website in the future). You can learn how to reset or disable this identifier in the Private Data Explorer tool.

A unique identifier is stored on your web browser or device and is used to recognize you when you return to the website again in the future. This data is only used in aggregate to monitor trends about which articles are popular over time.

A person-unique identifier can be stored on your web browser or device and is used in for the same purpose as the unique identifier. The difference between the two is that the former is only used in your current browser or device, whereas the second can be used across multiple web browsers or devices. Person-unique identifiers are only saved in the web browsers or devices where you choose to identify yourself by submitting personal information through the website’s commenting system.

You can learn how to reset or disable these identifiers in the Private Data Explorer tool.

Cookies will be stored on your device or up to two years and transmitted on an encrypted connection between your device, this server and StatCounter. These cookies are used to count which of Slight Future’s articles are the most popular ones. Learn more about cookies from StatCounter. You can opt-out of these cookies by disabling the option for third-party cookies in your web browser.


Slight Future is a participant in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Advertisements for Amazon that affect your privacy without you leaving this website will include a privacy policy link. This advertisement network may display ads based on your interest profile. Advertisements that require you to click them (links) will have a privacy policy for Amazon on the page you land on.

The website displays advertisements through the Google AdSense services from Google, Inc.. This advertisement network may display ads based on the topic of the page you’re viewing or based on your interest profile. Please refer to About Google Ads to learn about how to manage and opt-out of personalized ads, as well as How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps for details.

The website displays advertisements through the Chitika services from Chitika, Inc.. This advertisement network may display ads based on the topic of the page you’re viewing or based on your interest profile. Please refer to Chitika Privacy Policy to learn about how to opt-out of personalized ads.

This website also hosts some “house ads” which are served from this server directly without involving third-parties until they’re clicked.

Which advertisement network is used and which advertisements you see can depend on random chance, your device and web browser settings (vendor, form factor, “Do Not Track”, language, and more), the page you’re viewing, and how you got to that page.

For subscribers

This section is only applicable to subscribers who use their browser extension and apps.

Your subscription key, as transmitted by when you visit this website, is transmitted back to for verification to facilitate subscription services and unlock subscriber advantages. Please refer to the privacy policy for more details.

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Your comments

By commenting, all data except your email address will become public. You grant this website all permissions required to publish and distribute your comment worldwide. A non-reversible hash of your email address and name will be made publicly available along with your comment to provide extra functionality. Please refer to the details in details on the Private Data Explorer tool.

Your name and comments may appear on the Top Commenters list. It may also be referred to or quoted in whole in future articles.

Please also refer to the Commenting Policy.

Your details and comment isn’t currently processed by any third-party service for purposes like analytics or anti-spam measurements. This may change in the future if spam comments ever become a large problem.

Email address sharing

By subscribing to the newsletter, your email address will be shared with The Rocket Science Group who operates the emailing list through their MailChimp service. Please refer to the MailChimp’s privacy policy for details.

By checking the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” option when you submit a comment, your email address will be shared with Automattic, Inc. who provides the email notification service.

Secure communications

This site is only loaded over an encrypted connection with the server (HTTPS) providing added protection against surveillance and interference by third‐parties.

Additional notices for third‐party content

This website usually hosts all resources that are included on its pages on its own web servers out of principle. Their use on this site is limited so it should only concern a small minority of pages, however occasional third‐party content (like a video or graph) may be embedded and loaded as part of specific pages. The terms and conditions as well as privacy policies of these third‐party embedded contents are provided by the service provider. Please refer to the privacy policies of these services to learn more about their use on this websites.

Providing specific information about all third‐party embedded content would be like trying to incorporate every privacy policy ever written on one page. This is unfeasible and is believed to be against the nature of the internet.

This privacy policy can change without notice. Changes will appear here on this page.